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What is a jetboard, motorised jetboard, motorised surfboard, electric jetboard, electric surfboard?

In short: an engine propelled board made for water.

Often incorrectly referred to as the Jetsurf, which is simply the name of brand. Now more commonly known as Jetboards, motorised jetboards, motorised surfboards, electric jetboards and electric surfboards.

Jetboards are basically motorised surfboards with an engine, either petrol or electric. The petrol engine or electric battery powers a pump and turbine which pushes the water out the back of the board and propels the board forward. The rider controls the speed with a handheld remote control, this control is sometimes attached to a rope on the front of the board making it more stable and easier to turn, while some remote controls can be held freely. There are many different shapes, sizes, brands and models and Jet Board Limited stocks all of the various jetboards.

Which board is right for me?

The right board for you depends on your weight, physique, and experience level. It also depends if you will be riding in the sea, or on lakes, sharing the board or just personal use. The single most important thing to remember is that everyone’s ideal board is different.

Drop us an email at info@jetboardSA.co.za and we will guide you in the right direction.

Foot straps or no foot straps on a board?

Some boards ride well with foot straps and you can really carve, jump and make sharp turns on most of these boards but other boards just feel better and ride better without foot straps. It’s all personal preference and you can get jetboards for everyone.

Free hold remote, or attached remote?

Both styles of remotes are unique and have a different ride and feel but no one style is better than the other as different jetboards suite different remotes.

When and where can I rent a board?

Check out our availability of the different boards on the ‘book online’ page.

Why buy from a dealer?

Because we are awesome!

No, seriously. We have years of experience and can guide you in an unbiased manner. Once you have purchased the board, you will be happy to have a professional company looking after you with an array of experience fixing and servicing boards. Yes, you can go straight to the manufacturer, but then all you have is a board. We provide top after-sales service and back-up.

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