Carver X Jetboard Lesson

Power Jet Board Lesson

R500 – 10 minutes

R750 – 20 minutes

These lessons are for people who would prefer something else to the small race board. These boards are ideal for people who want to experience a ‘cruise’ around type of board, are somewhat heavier, or don’t have the balance required for a race board. Easier to learn than the race boards, but just as fast and agile. 

The carver X is the recommended board for riders over 80kgs. Double the power of the Carver. This board, most similar to a surfboard, is ideal for ocean use. This power board can go over 45km/h in speed, and can take any rider. 

Children must be over 12 years old. 

Lessons include:

  • Instructor, safety briefing & personal coaching
  • Sports gear (helmet and impact vest, and wetsuit in case weather requires it)
  • Battery and board

Important: Lessons are the duration of the battery life. Battery life depends on water conditions, weight and riding style, and speed.

Contact Keith on 082 389 6142 for a booking.

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