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What is Jetboarding?

Jet surfing is the new craze that pushes the boundaries of water sports using engineering and electronics to create a new way to ride.

Surfing without waves

Perfect for dams, rivers, marinas that prohibit gas-powered boats

Jet propulsion thrusts you forward

An electric jet board that lets riders surf calm waters

‘Jetfoiler’ can fly over water. This surfboard uses hydrofoil, which can lift up the board out of the water when you lean back. It also uses an electric motor to propel yourself

An electric motor sends water through a nozzle at the stern of the board, providing enough thrust for a top speed

Who We Are...

Keith Hobson

The visionary behind Jetboard South Africa. Keith is the centre point of Jet Board South Africa and the reason it all happened.

What else?

What makes us special?

We work with Jetboard Limited which is based in Spain. They work with designers and manufacturers from the very first steps of building a board

Jet Board Limited tests and reviews all the latest jet boards through their All-Star Jet Board Testing Tour videos with Mike.

Wayne from Jetboard Limited gets information to you by sharing and working with Andreas from Esurfer online magazine to help present and future riders gather honest information and build an online jet board community.

We allow you to try first and then buy. We have a variety of boards which allows us to give you the chance to try most boards before making the final investment.


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